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Accounting Course

Course Content:

The need to be able to understand and analyse accounts stretches across a variety of roles within an organisation.  As with all our financial training courses, we can tailor this course to your company and employee objectives.  Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements – we are more than happy to incorporate other aspects of finance if required.

  • Accounts structure and terminology
  • Analysing the key elements of a Profit and Loss Account (Income Statement) including sales, gross profit, operating profit, EBITDA(R) and ratios.
  • Undertaking a similar analysis of the component parts of the Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position) and the relevant financial performance ratios.
  • Consideration of how the statements may be manipulated and the effect on the numbers including areas such as accounting adjustments, depreciation and amortisation, timings of key decisions, organisational policies and culture
  • Using trends as a technique to analyse performance
  • Limitations of the information available from the financial statements and knowing the right questions to ask in order to probe the facts behind the figures

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